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Posted By: Grab
12-Dec-05 - 03:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter film (Goblet of Fire)
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter film (Goblet of Fire)
For some reason, my "spoiler alert" message went walkabouts there - should have used preview! :-/

I actually thought the dance bit worked. It's not in the book, but it's a nice illustration of the whole hormones-kicking-in thing. And it brought out Neville a bit, where he's a bit of a sad nobody in the books.

And I don't think the dragon scene went on too long, just that it was badly constructed. The films have basically completely cut the Quidditch elements from the books - which I guess is fair enough, since something has to give - but Harry's supposed to be a near-world-class flyer and this would have been a great chance to bring that out. Instead it goes for a cheap suspense scene.

The film as a whole *is* enjoyable as a film. It's just so much less than it could have been, given the source material, which makes it ultimately a disappointment. If you go there expecting a medium-quality fantasy film, on the level of maybe "Willow", then you'll not be disappointed. If you go there expecting an adaptation of the Goblet of Fire, you're SOL. This is probably the weakest of the four films so far, even though it has probably the best book to work from.