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Posted By: Little Hawk
04-Dec-05 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
Subject: RE: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
What you do all depends on what you are actually after. This varies from one person to another, and can be quite complicated. Then too, there are some who don't know what they are after.

Therefore, there is no one appropriate time period in which to get over a relationship. Some Victorian poets made a whole life career out of NEVER getting over their FIRST relationship! ;-) Casanova got over his..."relationships" almost instantly. Like I said, it all depends on what you are after.

If it's just sex you want, that can easily be had with no real relationship at all. Rodents, cats, and dogs are all experts on that, so we should probably get some feedback from the rodent community ASAP. Then we could consult the various birds who mate for life and get their viewpoint on it for a refreshing alternate take. How does a Canada Goose cope with losing his/her mate to a hunter? Will a quick fling at the local pond cure that aching sense of loss? Somehow, I think not...

So, what species are you? I'm a hawk. Hawks choose to mate with just one partner, as far as I know. Which animal species would you choose if you chose one, Martin? And how about you, Richard?