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Posted By: Richard Bridge
04-Dec-05 - 05:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
Subject: RE: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

I'm going to have to agree with Gobson.

My late wife told me, before we were ever a really serious item - the first reaction after the end of a relationship is to fill the empty space in the bed. It doesn't have to be a new "relationship" (one of the reasons Jacqui and I were a long-standing, no pun intended, item, despite the frequent and sometimes the grinding hostility was that we both tended to call a spade a f***ing shovel) - just get your ashes hauled, whether you be male or female. And, to borrow another aphorism of hers, there is no aphordisiac like fresh meat. *(see footnote)

The people who turn it into a psychosis are the ones who can't get laid. Relationships are what screw people up.

Footnote - this is not to imply that meat must be odourless. The nose is another sex organ. The biggest sex organ is of course the brain.