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Posted By: kendall
04-Dec-05 - 07:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
Subject: RE: BS: how long to get over a relationship?
The worst thing you can do for yourself after a serious breakup is to jump into another relationship. Find out what was wrong with the relationship and work to avoid that problem in the future.
Now, the hard part:

Remain totally celibate for a minimum of one year; Two is better. If you jump into another relationship before that time, all you are going to do is drag that baggage along with you, and with each broken relationship you do that, eventually the baggage is too much and you say to hell with it; men/women are not worth the bother.
Just remember, it is NEVER all the other person's fault. You can convince yourself that "They" are to blame, but if you do, you are living in a fools paradise from which you will never escape.

If you need to get laid, do it. Just don't attach any real meaning to a quicky.