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Posted By: rich r
14-Nov-97 - 01:10 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: There's a Long, Long Trail (parodies)
Subject: Lyr Add: THERE'S A LONG, LONG TRAIL (parodies)
2. You can tell a man from ______. (put your favorite state, city etc. here, e.g. "Texas" "Fargo")
You can tell him by his talk.
You can tell a man from _______.
You can tell him by his walk.
You can tell him by his manner,
By his appetite and such.
You can tell a man from ______,
But you cannot tell him much.

3. It's a short, short life we live here,
So let us laugh while we may,
With a song for every moment
Of the whole bright day.
What's the use of being gloomy,
Or what's the use of our tears,
When we know a mummy's had no fun
For the last three thousand years?

4. There's a long, long trail a-winding
Where my hair used to be,
And the flies, they dance and skate
Upon my ivory.
There's a long, long night of waiting
For the work of herpicide
Till all the hairs live again
That look like they have died.

(I don't know what that last part means. Herpicide sounds like something to kill snakes)

5. There's a long, long nail a-grinding
Up through the sole of my shoe,
And it's ground its way into my foot
For a whole mile or two.
There's a long, long hike before me,
And what I'm dreaming about
Is the time when I can sit me down
And pull that long nail out.

6. There's a long green worm a-winding
Upon the roof of my tent,
And the rising bell is ringing,
And it's time for me to went.
There's some cold, cold water waiting
For me to take a morning dip,
So when I return I'll find that worm
Upon my pillowslip.

rich r