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Posted By: MuddleC
25-Nov-05 - 08:58 AM
Thread Name: Morris Dancers-why do you dance?
Subject: RE: Morris Dancers-why do you dance?
the question should be -why not?

Peer pressure or the lampooning of the press in order to get cheap laughs, that is our bane.
I don't dance, not because I don't want to or haven't tried, ankle and knee injuries stop me, it is a physical workout!!

all pastimes I follow are considered 'wierd', from American cars to my american police bikes, from my 'Amateur radio' (Tony Hancock and The Radio Ham!!?), folk singing... (Rambling Sid Rumpo), even target shooting using ....>gasp< guns!

I am sorry, I wouldn't cross the road to watch a football match, go to a rave, take illegal drugs, beat people up for their mobile phone, watch 'get-me-utta-here' TV, or have 2000Watts of bonka-bonka music emanating from a crappy sport hatch-back.... all things considered 'normal'??

Tolerance is the thing that has gone from the world, just look at our govt. 'party whip' system and the media's glamourised personal activities of our country's role models, politicians and footballers, to see where the rot has set in.

Morris dancing, dance because you can, or if you prefer, 'if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand'

politically incorrect, I maybe, but I'm having fun, what's your excuse?