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Posted By: Blackcat2
11-Jan-00 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Anti-smoking songs
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Anti-smoking songs
I was wondering as I was wandering down this thread if someone would finally object to it's content. I didn't think it be as heated a objection as it received. I remember as a boy i used to take interesting show & tell items to school from my mom's office - she workd for the American Lung assoc. and that was jsut after they moved from a focus on Tuberculosis to lung cancer/smoking.

There's nothing like sharing a glass encased biopsy of a healthy lung nest of a 2 park a day for 30 years lung.

Smokers have a right to smoke. They have a right to like it, to feel proud, superior, etc. (I'm not saying all smokers do - most of my friends that smoke aren't happy they do) BUT the arrogance of statements such as "and we don't care if we might die a few years earlier. Our years won't have been quite as boring as yours." is laughable!

Gee just look at all those people out their living boring lives because they don't smoke! Boy i'll tell you, a statement like that makes Madison Avenue perk right up!

pax yall