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Posted By: annamill
23-Nov-05 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: What did your ex do after you ?
Subject: RE: BS: What did your ex do after you ?
He stopped drinking.

Now this doesn't sound like much, but our whole relationship was based on drinking. 17 years of it. From the moment we met until way after we broke up, he spent every non-working, non-passed out moment drinking. I spent a most our time together doing the same. As drinking can make you very romantic, it worked out well for us, but then he became abusive to our son and my daughter.

It had to stop. It did and I moved on to Honey. The most wonderful, kindest, gentlest, soberist man I have ever known.

I still drink til I'm lost every once in a while, but mostly my Honey has deeply influenced me and I am mostly sober. (He does love it when I've had a few and lose my inhabitions ;-)

Tho I'm very glad it's over, sometimes I miss the drunken, sexy, craziness of the past relationship.

He's sober now. I wouldn't even know who he was.

Wow! What a catharsis(sp) that was.

Love, Annamill