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Posted By: Dave'sWife
22-Nov-05 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: What did your ex do after you ?
Subject: RE: BS: What did your ex do after you ?
I've been married for almost ten years to my husband, who is patient and kind and wonderful - everything a woman could ask for.

The fella before him was a tortured artist/novelist. He did quite well for a time and began working in film. He was about 14 or 15 years older than me. I was 29 when we broke up.

He married a very young girl who had worked in a sex dungeon and as dominatrix. She didn't give up her work once married. She was quite a smart little girl. She stayed married just long enough to get the house in the eventual divorce when she left him for an even older, wealthier man. I was never sure which one of that pair I was supposed to pity more. During that marriage he used to find a lot of reasons to walk by my house which was creepy. He'd stand and smoke cigarettes across the street.

Thankfully, he seems to have found love and happiness with a woman closer to his own age. My husband and I saw them walking down the street hand in hand not long ago. Oddly enough, she resembles me quite a bit if I were much heavier and 10 to 15 years older.

Good for them I say. Life's too short. I hope he feels the same way when they see my husband and I strolling hand in hand while out walking the dog.