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Posted By: Azizi
17-Nov-05 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Roaches and Bedbugs?
Subject: RE: Roaches and Bedbugs?
Here is a version of "Woke Up Sunday Morning" that I collected in 2002 from Miss Crystal, an African American woman in her thirties who was a Director of a Summer camp in Duquesne, PA {not far from Pittsburgh}. I had gone to the camp to gather rhymes from the children. After the children had shared several rhymes, Miss Crystal suddenly said "I remember singing this when I was little." She then immediately began to recite this rhyme in a sing song voice:

Oh I work up Sunday morning
I looked up on the wall.
I saw a gang of roaches
playin a game of basketball.

The score was nine to nothing.
The roaches had the lead.
I went and got my roach spray
and sprayed them 1, 2, 3.

You better stop them roaches
crawlin up my wall.
Feed them chicken & rice
and some day they'll be
shootin dice.


BTW, although the age 5-12 year old children had enthusiastically joined in when one of their classmates began a 'song', they were completely silent when Miss Cystal recited this rhyme. They later joined in with another song that Miss Crystal led [Miss Mary Mack], so it wasn't that they were put off by her authority. It seemed to me that they just were not at all familiar with "I Woke Up Sunday Morning".

BTW2-In answer to my question,Miss Crystal said "I Woke Up Sunday Morning" wasn't a handclap rhyme and it wasn't a jump rope rhyme. She said that "People just sung it".