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Posted By: number 6
14-Nov-05 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Moore...a phony!!
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Moore...a phony!!
"I respect Michael Moore for one thing above others: when the whole country was swarming with the buglike echoes of the Bush Gangsta Line on WMDs and everyone was slapping "patriotism" stickers on their foreheads, Michael Moore stood up and pointed out succinctly that not only did the emperor have no clothes, he also had no conscience and no integrity."

I agree Amos, and I thought highly of Moore on his efforts ... but I now question Moore's integrety. I have not heard any defense from Moore yet, but I am waiting.

Investing in Haliburton (for profit) is as immoral as one can get. Don't forget where those profits are coming from. Sorry.

His non-profit organization is listed as his home ... he is close enough, and the ones who are investing for that organization are close enough to understand what is going on.   

I don't beleive one can use which wing you are, as an excuse for immoral hypocracy.