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Posted By: Amos
14-Nov-05 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Moore...a phony!!
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Moore...a phony!!
I respect Michael Moore for one thing above others: when the whole country was swarming with the buglike echoes of the Bush Gangsta Line on WMDs and everyone was slapping "patriotism" stickers on their foreheads, Michael Moore stood up and pointed out succinctly that not only did the emperor have no clothes, he also had no conscience and no integrity.

He broke a logjam of unexpressed worry that was widespread but suppressed among thousands of thinking citizens who saw the contradictions but could not find a focal point to communicate what they saw.

At that time, in that context, he was a moral voice in a jungle of opportunistic compromises and immoral war-mongering.

He deserves a vote of thanks for that.


If he has a non-profit foundation that has invested in Hallburton, it is perfectly possible that he is not making those decisions himself. NFP organizations often have their own boards and their investments are often made by even more removed decisionmakers in the invenstment communioty. Has anyone bothered to isolate the facts around this slander? Or are we just beating drums and dancing around the campfire here?