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Posted By: Guy Wolff
12-Nov-05 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
Subject: RE: Mudcatter CD's PermaThread
I have cut and pasted the information on my four cd's here . In order they are Music From Wolff Pottery Back Porch & Blues Out & About and Litchfield Dance Music . The litchfield Historical So has a web site for the dance music . The rest can be gotten by PM here and anyone interested the $$ will go to Max . Long live the Cat !!!

Music from Wolff Pottery.
1. Sony Brogan's
2. Flowers of The Forest/June Apple
3. Jesse James
4. Dust the Table/Joe Clark/Cripple Creek
5. Stagger Lee
6. Dark as a Dungeon
7. Arkansas Traveller
8. Lark in the Morning
9. Staten Island
10. Country Life
11. Rickett's hornpipe
12. Black Jack Davey
13. Sorry the Day I was Married
14. Ship in Distress
15. Elizabethan Dance
16. The Cuckoo
17. I am a Pilgrim
18. Sweet Home Chicago
19. Keep Your Hands Off Her
20. Vigilante Man
21. Shine On Harvest Moon

Back Porch Blues.
1. Almost Done
2. We shall be happy/All the good times are past and gone
3. Walking Boss
4. Walking Boss Instrumental
5. The Denver Train
6. Ragtime Annie/Soldiers Joy
7.I'm As Free A little Bird As I Can Be
8. The Crossroads
9. Bill Cheatem/Flop Eared Mule
10. Short Life But Troubled.
11. Stewball
12. All My Loves In Vain
13. May The Circle Be Unbroken
14. Irene Goodnight
15. My Dearest Dear

Out & About          (Dedicated to the Mudcat !!! )
        1) Over the Hills and Far Away    (For everyone in the Yorkshire Gang . I tryied doing a vertion of Elsey Marley for Bill Sables but it needs more work.. Another visit to Yorkshire first !!! )

        2) East Virginia,    ( Bonnie K. taught me this one when she came down to look at banjo's Year before last)

        3)Sally Anne / The Old Plank Road    ( Lui Collins showed me her vertion of Salley Anne and Old plank rd reminded me of Charles and the gang In Berkley .)

        4)Darcy Farrow Steve Gillette ( Open D tuning reminded me of playing with Horase Williums of VT. fame all thoughs years ago )   

        5)Ruben's Train ( Thanks to Raulph Rindzler and my time at Jugtown Pottery NC)

        6) Hazel Dell / The Americans ( Collection of the Litchfield Historical So. ) Dance music from my town from 1803)
       7)Shady Groves (Thanks to George O"brian,Kent Ct and my faverite Clarence Tom Ashley )

        8) Lovely Joan ( My wife Erica is taking Viola De Gamba Lessons in New Haven Ct and this was a nod to MArtin CArthy but also a thank you to Grace Feldman and the Neiberhood school for bringing such joy to her life !!!! )

        9)The Great Silky traditional words (tune by Jim Waters) (I did this with Lui Collins back in the 1970's and always wanted to put a guitar part to it.. Love to Lui!!! Thanks Sandy and Carolyn for the help as always)

        10) Belle Rose (traditional French) Thank you June Tabor for putting this jem in front of us all !!!! this is simply a two part Cooperman penny wistle tune.

        11) John Barleycorn ( This is like trying to do a Muddy waters song but I have sung this to my 4 kids over the last 21 years and had to put it down for them.. Thank you Martin Carthy as with Lovel Joan>>> )

        12) Banish Misfortune (traditional Irish) ( I found a great old concert snare drum with wood rims from the 19th century that I had to use on this very percusive tune.. It was so much fun!!!!)

        13) Come in My Kitchen (Robert Johnson) ( This is one of my faverites)))

        14) Burden Made My Shoulders Tired ( Diolian National slide and Banjo mandolin recorded with a bullet mike OVER THE TOP )))

        15)The Love Sick Blues (ASCAP Jacob Cohen) D tuning slide ala Emmet Miller.. I love Emmet Miller alot

        16) They'er Red Hot (Robert Johnson) ( I used an old Kallamazoo big holed guitar from the 30's for this and "Come In My Kitchen"