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Posted By: Vixen
10-Nov-05 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: NOMAD is an island
Subject: RE: NOMAD is an island
Just coming up for air after NOMAD...we've had a really busy week. It was so nice to see old friends--bbc, Barbara and Frank (and the rest of Shoregrass!), Judy and Dennis, Susan and Dick, Caroline and Sandy, Guy, Allison, Karen K, Duane, and everyone else whose names escape me at the moment. Tim really enjoyed doing the workshop with Jerry. They made it seem as if they'd been "team teaching" together for ages, when they actually put it all together "on the fly."

Like bbc, we only do a couple festivals each year, and we look forward to NOMAD. We're both really sorry that we had to cancel our Sunday set--it was due to a scheduling confusion.

I think that considering the festival nearly went under completely last year, this year's organizing crew of volunteers did a phenomenal job of pulling it together and making it work.

One thing about attendance--a friend of mine who is on the fringe of the music scene thought the festival *had* gone under. He'd already made other plans for the weekend when I asked if I'd see him there this year, but was very happy to hear it was still a going concern.

I don't know anything about the festival organization, but I agree that more publicity would help. So will time--the longer it's in New Haven, the more people will know about it. Money is always helpful, too. However, the *biggest* thing that will keep this festival fun and educational in the LOOONNNNNNGGGGGG run is Volunteers. Not just performers, but people who are willing to do all the pesky behind-the-scenes detail-chasing. When the call goes out for volunteers, let them know what your skills are and the amount of time you can devote. Every pair of hands is a help, and will fix it so that the organizers don't burn out trying to do it all...

V (stepping off the soap box...)