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Posted By: Guy Wolff
08-Nov-05 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: NOMAD is an island
Subject: RE: NOMAD is an island
Well having nothing to conpare it to   <><<><>< . I find the size of the festivel very charming and workable . Remember the book in the late 60's "Small is Beautiful" . As it is I am guessing this thing cost more then ten grand to pull off . It needs enouph bodies and musicans to cover say 60% of that and then serious support of some kind . I bet the whole thing is getting by without that extra suport at the moment .That in itself would be very hard .. I dont know their by laws , so some thoughts off the top of the head.. Whos in Ct. ?? Kayman's in New Hartford and Hartford , Dedario strings are on the Island I think .They gave strings to the Roxbury fiddle contest and some backing to boot . I dont want to make anyone ill by bringing up corporate sponsoring . I mean PBS had Mobil and we all loved masterpeice theater . I know this is dodgy thin ice but some corporate help can work and if the soarce is apropriate it is posible for it not to make a bad impact. NON CORPORATE :Is there a conection to be made with Yale ?? I still think Ct tourisum is a path worth looking at . Also the ct Historical sociaties organisation . traditrional music art & dance here . The cultureal divercity realy makes this thing a candidate for a ton of stuff.
                   One thing I will write to the commity is that a real banner saying SUPORT THE PERFORMERS HERE ? above the cd table would give a very clear message that the performer's cd's are the only thing helping them get the gas to get there . I did see a small sign saying "all the procceeds of these sales is going to the performers"   but unless you were looking for it I wounder if anyone got the idea .
                   The trick is to not hurt the festivel and keep to its by-laws but help make it go forward painlessly at a resonable size for the organizers to care for .
                   Do we know if the vendors pay to be there or give a % of their income .If its free for vendors a small % on sales is workable. Some garden shows I do have a huge set up cost and others a % deal .(5 or 10% ) I would consider Sandy and Dick a draw for the feastivel and wave fees because of the additional draw they bring .Advertise their going to be there. !! At most garden shows they dont pay me to demonstrating but also wave fees to have the addition of the pottery show and the advertising for the event .
                  THese are just thoughts of good will . I dont mean to be prusumptuus (sp) though I often am .. Good luck to NOMAD's future .. All the best , Guy