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Posted By: Guy Wolff
06-Nov-05 - 07:42 PM
Thread Name: NOMAD is an island
Subject: RE: NOMAD is an island
Well Im home from Sunday . It was amazing to do both days !!
                         I started with hearing Sandy and Caroline so what could be better then that ! John Roberts is such an inspiration both days three sesions !!! . I had so much fun in all the singing sessionas like Chanty Blast and was it called Power Harmony today ??. The West Gallery made the ride home at 11last night seem like nothing at all . I think every church that enjoys singing would have so much fun haveing Bruce Randeel come for a visit . He brings so much joy to music that might seem a bit scary to try otherwise ,. Just amazing . I should say eluminating !!
                     Sunday : Kathy Westra's Songs For A Sunday Morning were just great . THen Power Harmonies and onto Emily Pinkertton's Beginer Banjo ( She Was great . boy I had a hard time keeping it simple ) My only nightmare was having to CHOOSE beween John and Bruce at the very end. Since I cant read music John won out .painful painful to choose though.
                      Great to meet David Diamond .   Jerry Epstien ....       For a second I thought John Roberts knew my name yesterday but then I remembered I had a name tag on. He is a scolar and a gentleman to put up with the likes of me .
                        Mike Cllr it was great hearing you .. When he threw off his coat to sing a chanty I knew it was going to be good. It was so much fun throwing on harmonies . I was the one standing in the back bellowing along . Thanks for the great time . We must hear more about Sidmouth here please.
                         Many thanks to both the Patons and Dick & Susan for shlepping all the cd's down to New Haven . Hobart Smith is wonderful again and Ian Robb is getting better and better all these years later .. I love Tony and Johns newest cd ( New for me I dont get out much as everyone who knows me knows ) .
                        A dialauge we might get on soon is how to work up some grant $$ for the organizers of NOMAD . If they could pay on some level some of the workers this conversation of NOMAD going away might seace . Ct tourisum and the arts concil have to help on some level . We need to think on this a bit. I think the question to ask is how (if there was some more doe ) could some of the painful parts of running NOMAD could be made easier .
                   At the very least we all need to thank the organizers for the whole shabang !!! .. Well done . My third time and Im still in love !! All the best , Guy