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Posted By: Guy Wolff
04-Nov-05 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: NOMAD is an island
Subject: RE: NOMAD is an island
About West Gallery Music :
             Yes A fiddler who can read music would be a great addition ..Bruce who leads this session is a wonderful Trombone player . Rocus is a good word here!! I am hoping my wife Erica can come with a tenor or bass Viola De Gamba . There was an amazing serpant player from Boston year before last who I will never forget . I have forgoten her name though .BLAST ..
            West gallery music is choral music Exstreem but with the instroments leading even someone who cant read like myself can follow along on these more intricate 17th18 and 19th century peices . THe tunes and intervels will transport you :if your religius or not . This is somewhere inbetween folk tunes of that era in Briton and early classical music . Most of the tunes were written by regular folks interested in the local activity of thier church . Some local churchse had , say more tenor so pieces were made to fit that and so on .. THis could not be more fun !!! Bring your lungs and vocal chords !!!
             All the best , guy