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Posted By: Susanne (skw)
07-Jan-00 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Anti-smoking songs
Subject: Lyr Add: SMOKER'S SONG^^
Maybe this'll cure a few people. If you ever heard Hamish Imlach sing it with his dreadful cough, you know why you've given up smoking!
BTW, I have an old '78 recording of 'Cigarettes and Whisky' where the author's name is given as Red Ingle. - Susanne

(Peter Ross / Hamish Imlach)

Now I'm a social outcast
A modern-day refugee
Joy turns to gloom when I walk into a room
They all turn their back upon me
I'm not a thug or a mugger
I've not murdered anyone yet
But you would think I was Charles bloody Manson
When I light up a cigarette

Some folk get their kicks from alcohol
Some stuff their nose with cocaine
Some folk like knocking old women about
Some like tae batter their weans
There's masochists, sadists or rapists
Folk that like dressing in drag
I'm no' like them, that's no' my game
Gimme peace just to light one more fag

You can snuff it doing too much exercise
You can snuff it not doing enough
You can snuff it by eating too little
You know, you can snuff it eating too much
You can snuff it staying out late at night
You can snuff it lying in your bed
So my way of snuffing is to keep right on puffing
It's on my own bloody head

Spare a thought for all the smokers
Doing their bit for the Crown
Remember when a smoker lights up
He's keeping your income tax down

Yes he is
He's keeping your income tax down