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Posted By: GUEST,Chief Chaos
03-Nov-05 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Incomplete Beatles songs
Subject: RE: Incomplete Beatles songs

At least for "In My Life" I think you picked the wrong song. Sure it's short and to your point "hollow". But if anyone else shares my experience when listening to the song, the listener fills in all of the missing gaps with their memories of people, places and things. That is why the song has such impact.

As far as folk music, I always thought it was something that told a story, brought people together, or just plain was something that everyone could enjoy singing together (not for one voice and one voice only). A case in point. When I attended Old Dominion University I was a total stranger. Since I was a Navy brat that had moved around the country all my life I knew absolutely no-one there. I was invited to a small party by someone I had just met and at the party one of the girls pulled out the Beatles Anthology book she had just purchased. Since she didn't play well she let me borrow her guitar. I think I played and we all sang every song in the book. Suddenly I was no longer a stranger.

Maybe the songs aren't folk but where else do you find magic like that from just one group?