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31-Oct-05 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
I am familiar with Massanutten Military Academy having had two sons that went there.

Tell me why people join the military? Why do people become policemen or firefighters? They will eventually be exposed to danger and the possibility of dying in action.

Non of them are drafted. Why don't you picket the recruiting offices?

How many of your buddies died from auto accidents, drugs, tobacco or alcohol? All those deaths could have been avoided if common sense prevailed. Time Mag showed a soldier in Iraq smoking a cigarette. I said that the soldier had a bigger chance of dying from cancer caused by the tobacco than he did from combat.

Why do we have military forces? To kill people that want to kill us.

Have you seen any attacks in the US lately? Maybe it is because the people that want to kill us are fighting us in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Yes it is a mean old world and I ain't crying about it. I didn't make it but I grasp it the way it is instead of the way I think it should be.

Now you guys and girls with no stomach for life as it is can make yourself miserable if you want. You can seek out an individual to blame everything on in an attempt to feel better. You can come to Amos for some support for your crybaby position on life but tomorrow, next year, ten years from now the world will be the same or worse.

I am not having any of it.

There was a 707 at Salman Pak. I could see it in the satellite image. It had two different wings. It was just pieced together out of junk for training purposes. Nothing like that existed in Afghanistan.

I could not see the double decker bus or the train but I think they were most likely there. Look for yourself:

I first heard about Salman Pak on PBS in a program narrated by a former Clinton staffer.

Also I just found this on by R. James Woolsey director of the C.I.A (1993-1995)

"What do you make out of the reports that his (Saddam's) ambassador in Turkey, for instance, was an intelligence operative or official, and that he went to see bin Laden in Afghanistan? Is that substantial?

I've heard those reports, and if Mr. Hijazi went to see bin Laden or anybody in the leadership of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan -- I think that was in 1998 -- that, to me, would be yet another substantial piece of information suggesting that Saddam and not only Al Qaeda has been behind some of these terrorist incidents against us and indeed, that Saddam and Al Qaeda could quite well be working together."
"We shot a few cruise missiles into an empty building in the middle of the night. I think he probably laughed at the time and is still laughing. I think that the fact that he did that and the fact that he's working hard on weapons of mass destruction -- ballistic missiles, nuclear, chemical, bacteriological especially -- that's enough as far as I'm concerned."
Of course this interview was before the "Bush Lied" era.

Old Guy