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Posted By: GUEST,Old Guy
31-Oct-05 - 03:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration

It have trouble with my dialup cutting out before I post. I use wordpad and paste it into the text box.

Anyway how about Salman Pak and the double decker bus?

The site I quoted at has conveniently put a disclaimer on the right hand side of the screen since they published the interview. That's because they, like the Dem=mocrats, want to distance themselves from their previous thinking that Iraq had WMD's

There were aerial images of Salman Pak that you could on the 707 in on the net but they have all disappeared except at Rush Limbaugh's site. If I put a link here to something from Rush Limbaugh it would certainly bring an outcry from the anti-war crybabies here.

Also why do the Muslim extremists hate us and want to kill us?

I think it is because we support Israel. The next time Israel does something not to our liking we should cut them off. Let them go it alone. The Arabs would attack and Israel would make mincemeat out of them. Israel is fierce, well disciplined (unlike a lot of Americans) and fully capable of defending themselves.

Old Guy