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Posted By: Bobert
29-Oct-05 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Well, well, well...

That one took okay so lets reload with GUEST A's name on this one...

Quoting Alison Young (Knight Ridder reporter) in regardes to DHS:

"In Januaryof this year, the DHS unveiled their National Response Plan. This was supposed to be a blueprint in this post-September 11 world for how we werer going to deal with a massive catastrophe. While certainly terrorism was an emphasis behind this document, it very clearly says that this is to be uswed when you have a major catastrphic natural disaster, such as a hurricane.... It very clearly says that in a catastrope that locals have become overwhelmed by the situation, both in terms of resources and the structure, that the fedewral governemnt is supposed to to take the proactive- proactive steps to protect the lives of citizens..."

Okay, now lets look at the orgaization chart here that has at the top, the president. Right under him is the Secretary of the DHS and under him is the head of FEMA... Like one, two, three..

Fast forward, 'er rewind to the Congressional hearin's about the poor showing on the feds side and here's part of the text:

Rep. Christopher Shays (adressin former" FEMA head, Michael Brown):
"Now, with the non-evacuation, when you knew that neither thr governor or mayor were going to do their job, did you call-- and I would like to bring the Presdient in. When did you contact the President to say we have a catastrpe happening with an incompetent mayor and an incompetent governor not responding to this? When di you contact the President to let him know of this extraordinary crisis that would impact our country?"

Brown: "I talked with the White House on both Saturday (2 days before Katrina)and Sunday (1 Day before Katrina)"... It might have been Friday, but I have to go back and check my records."

Shays: "Did you ask for a higher authority to help you out? You're the head of FEMA, but the governor and mayor aren't paying attention to you. I want to know who you asked for help."

Brown: "On SDaturday and Sunday, I started talking with thwe White House."

Shays: "The White House is a big place. So give us specifics. I'm not asking about conversations yet, I want to know who you conatcted."

Brown: "I exchanged emails and had phone calls with Joe Hagin, Andy Card and the President."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, GUEST A, seems that given the circumstances, the recently released "National Response Plan" with its options, the contact by Brownie with the President forwarning him of A., the category 5 storm about to hit the gulf coast and B., the difficulties of the mayor and governor of Lousinana, that a President with his head in the game (i.E. knowin' A and B and knowing about then National Response Plan" WOULD HAVE had better things to do than vactaion and go off to some country music thing..

Now maybe you thing it's perfectly okay to contiunue the finger pointin' in the direction of the governor and mayor and that perhaps is another issue but...

... bottom line, Bush's folks set up the system and it failed...

This ain't got one thing to do with the governor or the mayor becuase everything that had been pre=supposed happened and the Bush adminstartion didn't act accoring to what they had planned to do if such an event would occur...

Worse than that, 3 days into the misery in New Orleans, with folks hungry, the feds ordered the Red Cross out from NO where the Re Cross had food to deliver...

Yeah, this is just the tip of the iceberg, GUEST A, of what should be America's "Bill of Particulars" against Bush and his boys...

And lets not even go into how many billions went into rich retirees bank accounts after Hurrican Fancis just before the 2004 ele3ction...

Maybe you'd like to just makie a response to what I have---NO CUT 'N PASTE--- have just laid out here???

Retard Bobert