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Posted By: GUEST,Old Guy
28-Oct-05 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Yes I was never a cult follower so I do not have the credibility of someone that was and as far as I can tell still is.

One that falls for bullshit becomes an expert on bullshit to the point that all he knows is bullshit. All he spews is bullshit.

One day he says that there was no connection between Iraq and Al Quaeda. Then he says there was a marginal connection. When I call him on it all he can say is the never said there was a connection. Vast amounts of credibility there.

This same person declares a thread belongs to him and he says what can be posted there. Rather childish but still credible.

Then when asked what should be done to fight terrorisim he has nothing to say but "If you had bothered to participate in this community for any time, you would see many efforts to produce alternative plans"

Now there's a plan. And did this credible person's hero just before the last election claim "John Kerry fought to establish the Department of Homeland Security. George Bush opposed it for almost a year after 9/11."

Now I am asking again, Who's idea was homeland security and who's idea was it to make FEMA part of homeland security. And what is Mr Amos Jessup's recomendation for a long range plan to fight terrorisim?

And in case I am accused of not answering questions, I do support GB's policy of not listening to the anti-war idiots. I do not support all of his policies though. I am not a blind cult follower. For example I do not support his policy on enforcing immigration and border enforcement.

Now are you going to answer or do I have to start a thread titled "Amos has shit for brains" so you will answer?

Old Guy