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Posted By: Amos
21-Oct-05 - 08:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Old Guy:

Ya know you really twist things around, sometimes. You think being opposed to unnecessary war is "brainwashed"? Well, I think causing wars unnecessarily is psychotic, and supporting them blindly is mindless sycophancy.

Thanks, as well, for trying yo hijack this thread, most of which contains remarks by people neither of us even know, by twisting into an ad hominem issue.

If you are really that intent on making stuff up out of whole cloth, why don't you start by dreaming up justfications for invading Syria? That seems to be what the machinery on the Hill is looking at next.

Obviously the spilling of blood, the destruction of families, the accidental blowing away of babies, the incineration of passersby like so many overcooked strawberry pop-tarts -- all that violence is just a piece with any old overheated rationalization that can serve to protect your brain from seeing past your nose.

Tell ya what, corpse-breath; start your own thread on a topic of your choice, as I did this one, and I promise to stay the hell out of it.

Until then I echo Bobert's initial sentiments.