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Posted By: Dug
18-Oct-05 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Incomplete Beatles songs
Subject: RE: Incomplete Beatles songs
Once more- for the slow learners- let me tell you about folk song...A song passes into the folk tradition when it distills down to its essence, taking its life and its power from its words and its melody. Then people can take it and create all sorts of different and valid interpretations of it.

Honestly, I think some of you just don't take the trouble to read everything!

With regard to the wholeprocess of interpretation, you can do whatever you want with a song.    Your musicianship and your sensitivity can make the song speak- or not. You can inspire others to take the song and make it speak, possibly in a different way. This is how songs pass into the tradition. And yes- I admit that this has happened and is happening with Beatles songs.

About grammar and Shakespeare- can somebody here show me an example of his grammatical inaccuracy?   Look- I know we're not all scholars here and we do our best, but at least let's make our subjects and our verbs agree with each other! Surely that's not asking too much!