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Posted By: GUEST,christina ortega
17-Oct-05 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Sean Blackburn (Sept 2005)
Subject: RE: Obit: Sean Blackburn (Sept 05)
Like anybody else lucky enough to have known Sean, there are so many great stories to share. He was the king of the dry wit. Once in Denver, a bunch of us were out for dinner at a fancy Italian/opera-singing restaurant. It was a bit fancier than us po' cowboy musicians were used to in the way of dining establishments, but I think it was some special occasion that brought us there. I was sitting next to Sean and we discovered that we were both greatly unimpressed with the food we had ordered. We were a couple of disappointed chumps eating crappy food when Sean muttered to me, "Well, at least it's expensive."

But my lifelong membership in the Liz-and-Sean fan club was sealed one horribly cold, snowy day in Denver. I was moving and absolutely had to be out of my apartment that day but I'd been dreadfully sick with pneumonia and strep throat. A couple of my so-called friends reneged on their offers to help with the move because they were afraid of catching my germs. After schlepping a few boxes down three flights of stairs and outside to my truck, I thought I was going to die. I was so tired I lay on the floor of my apartment and cried. Then, unannounced, Sean and Liz showed up like angels at my door and proceeded to take over. Here were two, full-time, self-employed musicians with gigs later that week, and they were risking their good health to help out a friend in a jam. I didn't even have to ask them. They knew I needed help and they showed up. Helping a friend move is always a pain in the ass, but helping "typhoid Mary" move - in the snow!!! - well, that just beats all, folks.

I like to think that Sean left here the way he would have wanted - quick and easy, like a candle being blown out. The world is a little less bright but I think I spotted a new twinkling star in the night sky tonight.

La paz del Senor sea siempre contigo, mi hermano.

Christina Ortega