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Posted By: GUEST,I vote 'keep it and play it' !!!
10-Oct-05 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: $$ for Vintage Autoharp?
Subject: RE: $$ for Vintage Autoharp?
the key purpose of the autoharp is to be a genuinely egalitarian
non-exclusive easy to play folk intstrument

for all ages and levels of musical ability..

I'm happy to know I'll still keep mine in use most probably
longer to the end,
than whatever future ailements are more likely to prevent me from playing my guitars..

I'd advise you get in touch with any disabled mobility groups
who may have solutions for replacing the small chord buttons with more appropriate bigger ones , or levers, or whatever else may have already beeen devised to keep people with your condition musicaly active..

and as for any simple restricted strumming technique you can manage.. it will still sound mighty fine.

please think twice before you dispose of a lovely intstument
you are perhaps destined to keep for youer own use..

considering this autoharp wont make a fortune at auction..
unless friends and well wishers get a charity sympathy bid fever rolling..

keep it.. get a little mobility conversion work done on it..

then maybe find a few spare $$$ to donate instead to the charity