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Posted By: Soldier boy
07-Oct-05 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Whitby F.I.L.O Folk
Subject: RE: Whitby F.I.L.O Folk
Hi GUEST. I couldn't agree more. I admire this guy so much I bought his CD "Changing Tracks" when I was at the FILO at the night in question! Tony is a free spirit who is not shackled to the traditional and rigid conventions of what many expect from the folk experience. Having seen Tonys web site I understand what you mean by his philosophy on music and I respect it to the hilt.
BUT I must also concur with Raggytash and say that when playing "in company" you must at least try to fit in with the beat/ rythm, otherwise you either come across as inept or anti-social or ignorant. It's a close call because I have the utmost respect for Raggytash and Tony, and as far as I'm concerned long may the differences and pure clash of raw creativity continue.
Surely this is what "folk music" (in all its guises) is all about!

Guest, Bev ,I know you are besotted with me but please do not use this thread to to arrange secret assignations.
Please take one of your beggorrums and grannies from hell and march with me into the sunset with my little red coat. Bless!