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Posted By: Margo
02-Jan-00 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Subject: RE: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Sourdough, I don't think it is surprising to see those reactions. It's like being falsely accused. There is hardly anything more hurtful or alarming to a person to be accused of something they haven't done.

Now, as to the tone of some of the posts: I guess some people find it difficult to control "outbursts". What I mean is that I frequently feel strongly about something, but try hard to edit and reread my posts before submitting to make sure I am being succinct without unnecessary rudeness (name calling) or anything else that may detract from the post. I think it is easy enough to express disagreement or even outrage without cussing or namecalling.

But when I see people do that inposts, I can see the emotion and look beyond it. That's just the way people are, so why get upset? Then there are some posts that are so rude, that I have responded with reprimand. (Gargoyle Hunter)

The most surprising thing to me is that anyone would be surprised at people's reaction to this thread!!

Margo :o)