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Posted By: Helen
22-Sep-05 - 06:03 PM
Thread Name: advance australia fair-ly backwards
Subject: RE: advance australia fair-ly backwards
It's unsingable by the general public because of the range. The words are too hard to remember because they are so trite and irrelevant. If they weren't written by a teary, soppy little old lady then they should have been.

I remember about 40 years ago having to learn this obscure and quaint song out of a mouldy old songbook at school. We had a shot at it and then forgot about it, thank God! But then someone went and dug the songbook up again out of the midden heap, brushed off the slaters and the mould, and what do we get - politicians who know nothing about music telling us we have to sing it at public occasions.

Why don't the pollies just bite the bullet and commission someone to write patriotic words to the tune of Waltzing Matilda. Solves everything, then. The rest of the world knows the tune, and so does everyone in Australia. In time people would stop rabbiting on about a national song celebrating sheep stealing.   :-)

(Just a thought, what we need is a down-to-earth, realistic song about Aussies, la Dennis Leary's "I'm an Asshole". Sorry, just my weird sense of humour.)