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Posted By: Sourdough
01-Jan-00 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Subject: RE: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
I've been really surprised by the intensity of the reaction to Gern's post. Sure, I don't agree with it. So? There are things posted in other threads I don't agree with, things many of us don't agree with. However, this particular post seems to have touched a nerve and people have been prodded into responding. Some are changing the topic, introducing straw men to argue against, to make points, valid as they may be, about things Gern didn't really say. What I find a little disapponting is that some of the people being the harshest judges are normally understanding of points of view that are different from their own hard-won opinions. For some reason, this idea of social guilt has struck more sparks of hostility than any threads I have ever followed before.

Reasonable people have held what seem to me to be generally similar opinions. The idea comes up whenever a celebrity is assassinated. Something similar came up when civil rights activists began talking about US society as being oppressive of minorities. There are also people who see our society as a whole benefitting from the exploitation of other countries. Gern expressed his/her idea crudely but I'll bet he was surprised at what his mea culpable message sparked. I know, I have been.