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Posted By: dianavan
15-Sep-05 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: why do we need religion
Subject: RE: BS: why do we need religion
"The reason I go to church every week is to be with a group of people who all believe the same thing that I do."

Thats just like any cult.

Trouble is, right or wrong, your peer group gives you the confidence to believe that you are somehow morally superior to those who are not part of your cult.

"People need to depend on things greater than themselves."

Maybe you do but not everyone needs this. Sounds like helplessness and despair to me.

"Lack of control gives man someone to blame when things do not work out the way they wanted."

Yeah, right. Blame it on God!

"An ideal of afterlife gives hope in a world of unexplainable chaos"

Hope is not dependent on a belief in an afterlife.

If anything, I feel sorry for people who think that life is so bleak that they need to believe in something that does not, in fact, exist. Its a state of mind.

The way you talk, any cult would serve the same purpose.