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Posted By: The Villan
10-Sep-05 - 03:00 AM
Thread Name: Advice for a Nervous Performer
Subject: RE: Advice for a Nervous Performer
Drinking water helps to keep the throat moist. I don't think alcohol helps the voice whatsoever and wine/coffe/tea I think makes it worse. This was something I learnt from a top class lecturer many years ago in relation to teaching. Never forgot that.

As somebody who runs a folk club I can only suggest the following based on how I percieve performers.

Obviously your talent is in singing and playing. Concentrate on doing the very best you can on that score. After all that is what the audience are there for.

Once you have done your first number and hopefully the audience have enjoyed it, I am sure the ad lib humour etc will begin to flow as you build up a bond with the audience.

However, one of the things I find, is that lots of performers do really well, but quite often, in their nervousness, tend to concentrate on the people at the front and talk to them. Very often, the people at the back can't hear what the performer is saying. So make sure you ask the people at the back if they can hear you OK when you are talking and adjust you talking voice accordingly. Speak slowly and clearly so that every body hears what you have to say. If that is a problem for you, cut the chat out and just sing.

I am not a performer myself, but as a listener that is my personal viewpoint. Hope my comments help a little bit.