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Posted By: InOBU
30-Dec-99 - 07:56 PM
Thread Name: Wasn't this about music?
Subject: RE: Wasn't this about music?
Dear KaT! Again, returning to the musical. I will have tapes soon, and will let folks know. I did play on a CD, which, in spite fear of offending the VERY nice people who wrote the tune I play on, I should explain, the tune is not representive of my playing or Irish music. I know Scott MX Turner, would no tbe offended if I say his music is not traditional... so, if one hears me on the CD Sniper in an abandoned house (no kidding) with the band Devels Advocates, playing on the song for Pat Finucane, it is not really my style ...
However! at long last, I have put together a band that reflects my view of living Irish traditional music, Sorcha Dorcha, and we do songs from Ireland Enlgand, Scotland, and Bretony - as well as a few of my own, and if I can bring our very agreeable flute player around to love it as much as I, some Romani (Gypsy) tunes. For information about performances - see New York Mudcat Seisun\Jam post, and as soon as we find ourselves at a point when we can put a few tunes on tape for friends, before anything too formal, we will and I will let folks know how to get them.
Contrary to what might be some peoples image of my politics, (he said smiling) we dont do Irish republican songs, because they are often over done, and people dont often pay attention to the point and histories in them - but we do songs about forced assimilation of American natives, and songs about the murder and oppression of Gypsies, as well as some old greats like Tom of Bedlam. We do not, nor have plans to do Good old Rebel, even though also written by humans, as are songs about social change for justice. (sorry could not help it Kat - as I said, the cracked rib is making me a little less than normally agreeable - he also said with a smile and a groan!)
Hope to see all one day, and hear most!