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Posted By: Peter T.
30-Dec-99 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Subject: RE: Confession: I stabbed George Harrison
Jeri (glad you got home safely), you are the only person for I would dignify this nonsense by continuing to contribute to it. If you read the original post, as you suggest, you will note that I am asked (as a fan or member of the human race or some other rhetorical crap) to confess ("you should too") to stabbing George Harrison, and by more than implication to killing John Lennon. I consider that to be idiotic, rude, and insulting to thousands of people who would have done much to keep John from getting killed. Gern's reply, is if anything, more idiotic. If he or she had spent some time on planet Earth, then he or she would have noticed that started a conversation with such accusatory language -- attempting to drag everyone down into his or her ridiculous guilt trip -- is likely to get things off on the wrong foot. I am only glad that George Harrison at least has retained his sense of humour -- I lost mine with this crap some time ago. yours, Peter T.