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Posted By: Steve Latimer
29-Dec-99 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Wasn't this about music?
Subject: RE: Wasn't this about music?
Yeah Rick, I'm a really intimidating guy. I'm the guy who if I find a spider in my house will set it free outside, I'm nasty.

I guess one of the reasons I feel the way that I do harkens back to something Rick said on another thread, he found out that one of his all time heroes was a card carrying member of the KKK. I'm sure that Rick would never change that persons mind about this, and I'm sure that Rick can't listen to this person the same way (if at all) anymore. We all have positions on issues that have taken a lifetime to formulate, and I can only see threads as controversial as Bobby Sands, Ulster Protestant songs, Rebel songs as being as out of place here as a KKK thread, (I know there was one, but it was anti-KKK, and had to do with music so I wasn't too upset by it's presence here).

I participated in the Guns thread, ended up forming opinions about contributors that made me uncomfortable, and ended up thinking 'what the hell was that thread doing on a blues and folk forum anyway?'

Having a little fun is okay with me, as a Canadian I find 'Spaws Neil Young centre a bit of a dig, but I welcome his humour and musical knowledge, I sure don't want to ignore his posts because of a disagreement over political views.