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Posted By: Jeri
29-Dec-99 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Wasn't this about music?
Subject: RE: Wasn't this about music?
On religion, I think anyone should feel free to say what they believe. There has been a bit of Christian bashing, usually associated with specific churches or the religion as a whole. It saves a bit of time when you don't have to ask what an individual person believes and you can just dismiss their whole outlook based on the stereotype/public image/history of the entire religion. Not nice.

When I was at the Fieldings', I saw a TV show with two Christian leaders from the US and Bishop Desmond Tutu. The two Americans had extolled the contributions of Christianity during the millennium - how much good and light it had brought the world. Bishop Tutu took his turn, and said something to the effect of yes, Christianity had been responsible for some great things, but it was important to remember it has also been responsible for some great atrocities. I think what he was saying was we should be careful not to use religion as a tool or weapon. Song reference here.

I believe it's futile to try to change anyone's mind about religion or politics. The most we can hope for is to tell someone something they don't already know, or help them understand our beliefs.