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Posted By: Chet W.
29-Dec-99 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: Wasn't this about music?
Subject: RE: Wasn't this about music?
We have beaten this subject a lot, of course, but new people come every day and want to know about this and that and give their opinions, all good things. I was thinking maybe we should make a statement up front that we talk, and not just about music directly, but whatever is on our minds and whatever is important to us, just as face to face musicians or accountants or ballet dancers do everywhere. But it doesn't take long to find this out on one's own, and as was said so eloquently above, just click to another thread if you're offended, or make a rebuttal. This is a barely limited space for discussion/information exchange. I for one cherish it.

Controversially, I do understand (but not necessarily support) intolerance based on personal experience. Half of my family being Czech, we have little good to say about Russia. The older members of the family that lived through World War II and actually saw the atrocities have similar views about Germany. We know better than to generalize but the actual sight and experience of horrible things happening on behalf of a cause or nation are difficult to get over. I guess the best commentary about forgiveness was made by Jesus himself. Within the limits of human weakness we try to forgive, but many of us will always react in ways that do not fit our usual natures. Onward to the new millennium, we can only hope that we can leave some things behind in the old one.