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Posted By: Peter T.
29-Dec-99 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Wasn't this about music?
Subject: RE: Wasn't this about music?
I think we have to talk about politics and religion here, because they need to be grounded or woven into music and community so as to make them less, rather than more, inhumane, professionalized, abstract. I can see no way to separate them, really, though people keep trying for what seem to me to be weird reasons -- is it because music is seen as something that is a rest from all that, a break of some kind from real life, a mathematical puzzle, something too nice to get messed up with, or what? Like, stay away from my child bride, or something? If politics is about learning to live together, and religion is about learning to live truthfully, then we are saturated in them here, as is music.
I do think that some attempt should be made in those kind of threads to bring music into the discussion sometime. It would certainly interest me, and, to make my earlier point even stronger, would I believe mightily improve the politics and religion discussions -- left on their own, they get pretty sickening fast, like a service with nothing but sermons, without a song or a tune. I notice that whenever a political thread or a religious thread shifts into specific music or songs or whatever, everyone cheers up, starts contributing, goes and does some research. The "There Were Roses" thread this summer was a great example of this. We were drearily rehearsing Irish tit-for-tats, and then everyone suddenly perked right up. Like somebody else there, I would like to see the Bobby Sands thread tilt off into talking about the songs, or disappear, but I have sworn off contributing to that thread.
yours, Peter T.