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Posted By: Joe Richman
13-Aug-05 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
OK Deckman, I'll accept that explanation. But you can't paint the entire pentecostal movement with that brush, especially since one of the oldest pentecostal churches is the Church of God in Christ. Think Andrae Crouch ( a great live performer; I saw him perform once).    My mother grew up in Maine in the 20s and there was even a Klan there. But the Christian churches she attended were opposed to the Klan. She was helping support herself at an early age by caring for children who were half French-Canadian, and the main target of the Maine Klan's fury was French-Canadians. She was out walking with these kids one day when she spied a Klan march. Scared the heck out of her. There's more to the story , but I'll pass on telling all. In Maine in the 20s, the Klan was made up of folks low on the totem pole, and was viewed negatively by the vast majority, just as it is today.

I think it's agreed that BLL was suspicious of Yankees, but not a Kluxer. He understood the Communist totalitarian menace better than most of the posters on this site, although he didn't differentiate between Communists and Anti-Anti-Communists (i.e. wishy-washy liberals). This led him to dismiss people who were good people at heart but just didn't totally agree with him across the board. Something I try to avoid doing.