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Posted By: Ebbie
04-Aug-05 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Somewhere Beautiful
Subject: RE: BS: Somewhere Beautiful
juneauphotos is a great site for your computer wallpaper too, Poohbear. I change mine frequently- each one prettier than the one before. Pat Costello is a local "boy"- not really a boy anymore.

I worked at Salishan the first time I lived at Lincoln City. (A fancy - parodoxically rustic - resort) Later I worked at a retirement home in Taft.

The older I get the more firmly I believe that we need to create our own jobs. Each one may be risky, but I think the idea is that if one fails, one starts another one. You may not- or may - end up with a bulging stock portfolio but you will have lived.

It just occurred to me that the REAL need is for people to help explore other people's dreams.

By the way, Poohbear, Art Thieme and his wife used to have a bookstore in Depoe Bay, a great place to browse.

I've been in Juneau a bit more than 17 years, and love it. HOT to us is anything above 75 degrees. COLD is any temperature with a strong, persistent wind attached. 67 degrees to my mind is darn near perfect.

In the wintertime, even though the days are short (in southeast Alaska, the shortest is 6 hours and 18 minutes), when there is snow on the ground it is lovely. And the northern lights- well...

"But at night I watch the Northern Lights
Stream across the sky
Silver and gold in ripples and folds
Of a purple scarf flung high.
Green canopy of the Northern Lights!
Gleaming stars hang nigh
All nourish my soul in the crystal cold
Alone in the Northern Lights.
Alone in the Northern Lights"