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29-Jul-05 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Subject: RE: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
The "she wasn't covert" excuse is straight from the Republicanthugradioechochamberrepeatedbymindlessandroids machine. Here is the response by 11 non-partisan former CIA officers:

"These comments reveal an astonishing ignorance of the intelligence community and the role of cover. The fact is that there are thousands of U.S. intelligence officers who "work at a desk" in the Washington, D.C. area every day who are undercover. Some have official cover, and some have non-official cover. Both classes of cover must and should be protected."

full statement here

In fact, those with non-official cover are in great danger when they travel overseas because they cannot claim diplomatic immunity. They can (and have been) grabbed off the streets and executed.

I bet many of the people spouting this "she wasn't covert" thing sport Support The Troops ribbons on their bumpers.

Mindless idiots.