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Posted By: Frankham
24-Jul-05 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
it ws interesting to meet Mr. Lunsford in 1954. He was quick to judge us. We were called "commonists" because we came down from New York City. Does this sound fair-minded?

He didn't know us from Adam. But he knew enough to make us uncomfortable. He was a shrewd country lawyer but not what I would call a hospitable person.

He didn't like Pete Seeger. Pete was responsible for getting him on Folkways Records and wrote glowing liner notes about his album. Bascom was ungrateful although he gloated about his recording accomplishment. How do I know? Guy Carawan, Jack Elliott and I were in his house when he received the Folkways Record in the mail. He didn't exactly throw us out but he enjoyed "toying" with us. But what he said to Red Parham about us was mean. he could have at least asked us what our political views were before condemning us.

Another thing, those who use the term "communist" mostly don't know what they're talking about. "socialist" is lumped into that designation as well as other unpopular ideas. It is used as a catchall perjorative by abusive people. Now it is being replaced by the all-inclusive "terrorist" or as more commonly pronounced today..."terrist". Ignorance abounds.

Frank Hamilton