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Posted By: GUEST,Art Thieme
23-Jul-05 - 11:57 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bascomb Lamar Lunsford
I've always seen the immensely positive aspects of many of the Rooseveltsian New Deal programs that have, sadly, come under heavy attack in recent times. I feel it's wrong to toss them out with the baby and the quenching waters of Socialist thought that managed to seep into American life. I am afraid that this U.S.A. as a nation will be much the worse for these deletions.

And I did have some feelings of betrayal when I realized that some within my/our folk revival, people I had lauded for their many humantarian stands over the years, had, indeed, been communists---and they may have had other ulterior motives and agendas on their minds when they were accepted by me to be my own personal pied piper. (Not unlike, as some here would certainly say, having a personal relationship with God ;-) But no matter. Their Social examples through the many years, I did in the end decide, were the glowing more humanitarian side of the coin---and not the dark side --.

As with all of us, there are two sides (maybe more) to our beings!! Sadly,Bascom Lunsford did introduce the string band from the North by saying to the audience at his North Carolina festival, "Here's 3 Jew boys from New York!" ---- Still, he was a great folksinger and preserver of traditional music. I love the songs like "Sundown" and "Mr. Garfield" that I learned from him--and then recorded. Hearing Bascom Lamar Lunsford's recorded works are as close to actually stepping into a time machine as I will ever get. I'll always be grateful to him, and to so many others who kept the songs for me to find, and resurrect, and carry to other singers. That's the romance of the social aspects, the community, the treasure hunt, the process that is called the oral tradition!!

Note that I said community-----not communism. The first is people working together, and incorporating the good and decent aspects of socialism for the betterment of the many----- and not just the "lucky" few.------------ Those positive aspects can be utilized WITHOUT resorting to the terrible excesses of totalitarian regimes---whether Communist or Fascist or whatever.

Lunsford, like all of our dysfunctional families and governments, to a lesser or a greater extent, had the traits that made us love them tied up in the same package with the merde we hated. For me, when I look in the mirror and see those same downer familial traits, I try to, at least, minimize them. At most, I do the wishy washy thing; I "change my mind" (an apparent no-no for politicians)---and move on from there.

I do hope this makes sense. I'm mixing metaphores again. It's getting late...

Art Thieme