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Posted By: Bobert
23-Jul-05 - 10:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Subject: RE: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Well, well, well...

Seems that with the Senate havin' scheduled the hearing's on Bush's Supreme Court nominee fir September, if Bush thought that he would be taking the heat off Rove with the nomination.... it has backfired.

Rove is back on the front page of the Washington Post and New York Times... Hmmmmm? Maybe Bush actaully called the shots on this one himself rather tyhan let Rove call them? Get my drift???

Maybe Bush has figgured out that Rove has to go??? Hmmmmm? Tghin about it... Rove goes, or pretends to go, and Bush gats a claen slate... He can get up on his soapbox ans scream, "The Devil made me do it" and all will be forgiven??? Just like the little weizel did when he had a couple DUI's and a few too many lines of a suspiscious powdery substance up the ol' beezer???

Yeah, I can see it now... Bush becomes not only born again but born ***yet*** again... Maybe the masses will think he is the second coming and folks will wait in lines atthe White house gates to be healed of leperasy or, worse yet, being Democrats...


Hmmmmmmm, part B????

Think about it...

(Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone, in a secret room unner the White House there is a certain little fat man pullin' levers...)