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Posted By: Frankham
23-Jul-05 - 03:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Subject: RE: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Larry Johnson, Valerie Plame's classmate at the CIA is a registered Republican and gone on record as saying that he is ashamed of the GOP and their tactics.

It appears that the GOP is no longer conservative but proligate, spendthrift, impulsive, rash and irresponsible. Everything that the GOP has accused liberals and dems of having done, they do themselves. They lie, they smear and justify it by discrediting their "enemies". Their smear against Wilson is ongoing.

The actual smear tactic seems to be the standard OP (MO) of the GOP. Rove inherited it from Lee Atwater who used it to advantage during the Dukakis primary.

It may be that Rove and company have committed treason and it would be in the best interest of the US if they were investigated for this. Otherwise, the CIA is compromised. If not, this means that there can be no meaningful security for the US.

Bush has finally managed to alienate the CIA. Who will it be next?

Frank Hamilton