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Posted By: Amos
22-Jul-05 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
From a correspondent with military background:

Utter nonsense. I know something about war - several of them matter of
fact, over 55 years worth, from up close and personal to the highest levels
of government during the Vietnam War after all the mistakes had been made.
The main reason this is dragging on is for the same reason the US gave up
after 10 years in the Vietnam War - both Secretaries of Defense - McNamara,
from the left, and Rumsfeld, from the right both tried to personally
micromanage their wars, and the preparation for them, as 'civilian control'
freaks, who neither listened to nor followed the advice they were given by
competant military professionals. McNamara and the civilian hot shots in
the basement of the White House imposed their pet 'escalation' theories on
the Vietnam War - to include picking individual targets for Air Force
bombing over North Vietnam, or, ala McNamara tried to use his pet 'cost
effectiveness' theories that worked at Ford to fight a classic Maoist three
stage War of National Liberation. He never understood the nature of that
War. So he sent B-52s to surpress political revolutionionaries. Any good
Special Forces Colonel - who understood how to fight politico- military
Revolutionary opponents could have done a better job.. And Rumsfeld utterly
ignored the military advice he was given before the invasion, about the
troop strength and combinations that would be needed, not just to knock off
Saddam Hussain's Conventional Paper Tiger troops, but far more importantly
what it would take to pacify, control and poltiically reconstruct the
country, after the conventional fighting was over and the regime overrun,
a nation of 25 million spread out larger than California. He refused to
let Colin Powell as Secretary of State - who knows something about war,
and insurgencies professionally - to take over the post combat
'reconstruction' phase of the war, as the State Department tradionally can
do, and better than military in the wake of conventional military
overthrow of local to national government. JUST as we did suceessfully in
Germany and Italy during the 'occupation' . Rumsfeld STILL does not, nor do
most of his neocon hot shots from the Right, understand the Iraq War or
what it will take to succeed at our national objectives, which are NOT
primarily military.

George Bush senior, who understood from his lowly Navy Pilot experience how
chains of command are supposed to operate and how to delegate, gave his
Military Commander, Schwartkopf, via his Chairman of the JCS, Powell their
political-mission orders in Desert Storm, and did NOT micromanage them and
didn't let Cheney do it either. He knew, like Lincoln did, how to pick
commanders, delegate, expect performance and replace commanders who
couldn't perform.

The problem is at the top, not in the field.

(Name witheld)