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Posted By: jpk
22-Jul-05 - 05:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Subject: RE: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
who is saying anything about right or wrong,only pointing out items of possible intrest and interesting thoughts on matter.
also if you dig a little you will find that the cia figured her usefullness[what little there was]was shot when she first took up with wilson.
also take the whole post together,not just snippets of it,it is like a bible thumper taking only parts of book that support what he wants,but when you read the whole thing or a different part,it says something totaly different.
that has happened to this whole mole hill so far,plus to much finger pointing and whinning and not enough real questions being put forth.
like maybe lets start following all the money an see where it goes.
have a good day an god bless!