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Posted By: Rapparee
15-Jul-05 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: More Bars in More Places!!
Subject: RE: BS: More Bars in More Places!!
The Idaho Legion is politically correct. It is composed of proportionate numbers of men and women. Also proportionate numbers of Democrats, Republicans, Lakotah, Bannock, Libertarians, Anarchists, Tree Huggers, Physicists, Chemists, Illiterati, Movie Stars, Skiers, Life Members of the NRA, Failures, Life Members of Handgun Control, Inc., Banjoists, Tap Dancers, Budweiser Drinkers, Opera Singers, Politicians, Mesons, Shoshone, Latinos, Anglos, The Obscenely Wealthy, Angles, Macho Dudes, Librarians, Angels, Spiritualists, Miners, Lawyers, Riffraff, Saxons, Cowpersons, Winos, Vikings, Nymphomaniacs, Rosicrucians, PhDs, Satyrs, Conservatives, Bindlestiffs, Hoboes, The Gainfully Unemployed, Cell Phone Users, Artists, Accordionists, Kilt Wearers, Retirees, Track Walkers, Crack Shots, Wannabees, Disk Jockeys, Valley Girls, Actors, Bookies, Nez Perces, Blackfoot, Spud Growers, Vegetarians, Feminists, Carnivores, Dessertarians, Jains, and others too numerous to mention.