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Posted By: Genie
05-Jul-05 - 12:25 PM
Thread Name: Does anyone here actually want chords?
Subject: RE: Does anyone here actually want chords?
Chico, if I already know the tune and it's not one o' them thar jazz songs that use all sort of demented chords an' all, I don't need the chords.   Lots of times I'll prefer a different set of chords than what's posted, anyway, because of harmonies an' all.   And if the song has common (non "jam buster" chords) but they're in uncommon sequence (like a lot of Beatles songs), yeah, I love to see the chords.   (Once in a while, when a song starts out on the 4 or the 5 instead of the 1, I can scratch my head a long time trying to figure out what the heck the chords are -- and just having that little bit of info makes it all fall into place.)

More often, though, I find myself already knowing the tune and chords (which are often 1, 4, and 5 and slight variations thereon) but I don't know all the lyrics.   Or -- even more frustrating -- I find a song whose lyrics I like, and I have both lyrics and chords, but that's not much good without knowing the TUNE.    I think I find myself looking for words or tunes more often than for chords.

That said, when the chords aren't easy to figure out (for a hack like me), having someone post chords is greatly appreciated.